Bella has grown up to be a lovely young lady. one year later. Lovely disposition, loves to be around us. She is easy going and the pretties blue eyes i ever seen. Thank you for this lovely addition to our family
Lena Bruks
Within 1 week,Lusky is adjusting just so well. i did not expect it so fast. thank you so much, my children are now happier than ever as they have an additional family member to play with when i and my husband go to work
Michael WIlliam
I write to you today because its Annabellas first Birth day. she is so big and Happy. i just wanted to remind you she extend greeting too
Love our new mainecoon kitten Clyde. He is the most beautiful, playful and affectionate kitten. I watched him grow on live stream and got exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend this breeder
I got my kitten home and I have to say he is very lovable a snug bug I never bought a kitten over the internet I was very worried different reasons but after doing a video chat with the breeder I was very confident. I lost my cat that was 18 years old and I needed someone to comfort me which I found that in this kitten as for the breeder I give him two thumbs up he made me feel very comfortable with the buying the process I can trust him I would give him very good ratings and my kitten is beautiful!
K. Miran
Brad is such a wonderful cat!! He is very laid back and easygoing…honestly has the best personality of any cat I have ever owned. Even friends of mine that don’t particularly like cats or are allergic love, Brad. I would love to adopt another cat from Home raised kittens in the future and have to say they did a wonderful job raising the kittens
Oprah Johnson
I got the most perfect kitten ever! She is everything I wanted and more! She is such a snug bug and is awesome with my daughter. I was worried she was going to be a cat that hides and is never around but she wants to be around you all the time ! Very pleased with the breeder and looking forward to getting another kitten
J Kinsly
I want to thank you very much for bringing Caca into my life. It has been 5 years since I lost Alex my Persian kitten. He brought me many years of happiness. Never thought that any kitten could compare to him. Caca has exceeded that. He is well-loved at our home. I can tell because he loves to be cuddled, purrs all the time & is healthy. He loves all my friends who come to visit him, maybe because of the toys they bring him?
Theo Jones
I came across Home raised mainecoon Kittens after talking to my family about the possibility of adopting a mainecoon kitten. What a gift it has been since then. We saw (Remy) whom Home raised mainecoon had named “microbee” on their website as an available kitten for adoption. We fell in love with him instantly. I can’t share enough about them and their expertise, care, and love for their kittens. They surely do not do this for the money but for the love and passion they have.
Thomas G.
From the beginning, they gave me their time, attention and direction for all the questions I had. After shipping our baby to us in SW California, they called to make sure all was well. Remy’s personality does not resemble that of a typical feline whom most of us know, but one of love, affection, and playfulness. He is a “lap cat” too! He truly is our baby! He and Corky, our Yorkie, play, eat and sleep together. I cannot express enough how much happiness he has brought to our family.
Alexander Chuks
Tracey & Tonny are best friends we’ve ever had. Their personality is so great, laid-back and friendly and they love our children. All of our friends and family want them too! they are so adorable, healthy and unique and we could never find others like them if we looked for the rest of our lives! Home raised mainecoon Kittens is fantastic, loving and professional and told us everything we needed to know (and I asked a lot of questions)! They sent a video for us and described them and their personality perfectly
D. Sandra